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Become a SAP or Re-Qualification CEU’s

Steve Garnham

Join Our FREE Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Training with Steve Garnham, SAP/EAP with OnDemand!

Are you interested in becoming a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)? We offer 12 hours of ongoing SAP training to meet continuing education requirements. When you finish this training you will receive a flash drive packed with everything you need to perform your duties as a SAP - 70 plus documents to assist you in qualifying as a SAP and as reference material once you begin doing SAP evaluations.

Steve Garnham will be facilitating the FREE training in your area. Steve is a qualified SAP and National Trainer. He has trained hundreds of people just like yourself!

Reasons to Become a SAP

A SAP is a Substance Abuse Professional that, per DOT prerequisites, has specific credentials, meets qualification-training requirements including continuing education activities and demonstrates a basic knowledge and understanding of the DOT regulations that must be followed before an employee with a DOT violation can be considered for return to safety-sensitive functions in the transportation industry.

  • Increase revenue
  • Learn a new skill set
  • Improve and diversify offerings
  • Opportunity to work with different clientele
  • Expand business

Under Federal Mandate all Safety Sensitive Positions MUST Undergo Drug Testing IF THEY TEST DIRTY - THEY MUST SEE A SAP.

To be a SAP who is eligible to treat DOT Employees you must be knowledgeable about:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and controlled substance related abuse disorders
  • Clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and controlled substance related abuse disorders
  • The SAP area function as it relates to employer interests in DOT safety-sensitive functions
  • 49 CFR Part 40, the DOT agency regulations applicable to DOT-regulated employers for whom you evaluate employees, and the DOT SAP Guidelines

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Become a SAP or Get SAP Re-Certified CEU's Today!

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