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Calm & lnformed: Experience Recovery Addresses Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have stayed ahead of the situation on our Campus and at Clinic. The team has been educated and we have instituted social distancing in our treatment community as it relates to the larger population and begun strict monitoring protocols for clients.

Experience Recovery works with most insurance and is currently working diligently to become an in-network provider.

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Experience Recovery is located in Orange County, California. We have two locations. Our first location is in Santa Ana and specializes in detoxification and residential drug treatment. Our day treatment (PHP Program) and our IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) program is located in Westminster, California.

Experience Recovery | Addiction Treatment Orange County CA

Why we are the Right Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA:

Finding the right help for substance abuse treatment is crucial when seeking rehab for drug addiction. Orange County has many alcohol and drug detox facilities to choose from. However, what sets Experience Recovery apart from typical detox centers is our IMS designation by the state of California.

IMS stands for Incidental Medical Services, which means that our addiction treatment center in Orange County CA offers additional medical services beyond standard detoxification procedures to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients during their recovery journey.

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Incidental Medical Services for Detoxification Treatment at Experience Recovery

There are six IMS services that must be provided after receiving approval from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

  • Obtaining medical histories.

  • Monitoring health status.
  • Testing associated with the detoxification from alcohol or drugs.
  • Providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services.
  • Overseeing patient self-administered medications.
  • Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification.

Under the guidance of our medical director Dr. Steve Karp, our addiction treatment center in Orange County CA is able to offer ASAM 3.7 detoxification for someone needing help with drugs or alcohol.

Our Addiction Treatment Center Facility in Orange County CA

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What is ASAM Level 3.7?

According to ASAM 3.7 is called the Medically Monitored High-Intensity Inpatient Services for adolescents and Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Services Withdrawal Management for adults, this level of care provides 24-hour nursing care with a physician’s availability for significant problems. Patients in this level of care require medication and have a recent history of withdrawal management at a less intensive level of care, marked by past and current inability to complete withdrawal management and enter into continuing addiction treatment.

Adhering to proper protocol and helping each client understand the withdrawal symptoms they will experience while facing etoxification treatment the goal of our team.

Meet Our Treatment Team

Brad Lamm, CIP


Brad brings his knowledge and passion to Experience Recovery as an author, teacher , interventionist and expert on the impact of complex trauma on life.

Deb Hughes, CAS

CEO & Managing Partner

Deb’s efforts over the last 35+ years has been a dedicated mission in behavioral health , eating disorder and addiction treatment.

Candace Bruce

Strategic Planning Consultant

Candace Bruce has extensive C-level leadership experience in behavioral healthcare.

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