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Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Residential Addiction Treatment Orange County CA

In some instances, a commitment to residential treatment is critical for establishing a safe recovery environment. In a residential setting, individuals will be provided with structure and support in early recovery. Experience Recovery personalizes our residential treatment to each client, yet offers a therapeutic model that is consistently informed by science, driven by data, and administered in accordance with proven clinical methodologies.

Your Recovery Process

In our residential treatment program you will start to uncover and be given the opportunity to address some of the core issues that contributed to your drinking and using. You will receive treatment at a safe and secure closed campus that is monitored 24/7 by both certified drug and alcohol counselors and licensed health technicians.

You will receive structured treatment daily, which includes evidenced-based group therapy and individual therapy. As part of Experience Recovery’s Wellness program, you will have the ability to exercise under the supervision of trained professionals, including access to our basketball court. Our Orange County residential addiction treatment & wellness program is designed to address all aspects of recovery, which includes but is not limited to physical and emotional wellness.

Residential Treatment Goals

In Residential Treatment, we continue to emphasize establishing long-lasting recovery. To accomplish this goal, we will combine science-based substance use disorder services, nutrition, hedonic rehabilitation, individual/family psychotherapy, mindfulness, and additional services to achieve a comprehensive and person-centered program.

Integration into our program for Residential Addiction Treatment in Orange County CA will be determined based on your medical necessity and your clinical treatment team. You must be medically/clinically cleared to enter our residential program and may have to complete detox prior to entry.

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