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Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Orange County CA

Because no two clients are the same, and no two struggles with addiction perfectly mirror each other, Experience Recovery’s Drug Rehab Orange County CA offers recovery programs that vary in intensity as well as frequency. For some clients, we recommend an outpatient approach—one that allows them to continue staying at home or in a transitional living community while still receiving less frequent group and individual therapy from one of our seasoned clinicians.

Our outpatient drug rehab in Orange County CA offers outpatient treatment that can be scheduled during various times throughout the week. This will allow you to continue with regular responsibilities while living at home. Experience Recovery offers a variety of formats with different levels of intensity to meet your individual needs. The general focus is on counseling, education and providing support. Outpatient treatment is recommended for individuals that have completed a more intensive level of care and are only needing continuing care.

About Our Outpatient Treatment Options

There are a few trademarks of our outpatient treatment options at Experience Recovery:

All of our treatment options are data driven. We lean heavily on the scientific record, and use methodologies that are clinically proven to be safe, expedient, and effective.

We boast a knowledgeable clinical staff. Outpatient treatments are administered in a safe, comfortable, and controlled setting by experienced addiction recovery professionals.

Treatment is fully personalized. Before the treatment begins, we conduct thorough interviews with each client, allowing us to collaboratively build a personalized action plan.

Outpatient treatment is varied. Individual and group therapy sessions, as well as educational lectures, can all be a part of the recovery process.

We keep everything totally confidential. The initial assessment and the treatment itself are both conducted with the utmost discretion.

Integrated Co-Occurring Treatment is available. Through integrated co-occurring treatment we can provide care for both addiction and mental health concerns simultaneously and focus on the whole person.

We assist adults ages 18 and over. Experience Recovery works with adults who are struggling with addiction to drugs or to alcohol, and who wish to begin a new life of freedom and healing. Our program is gender-specific.

Learn More About Outpatient Care

To learn more about outpatient treatment for yourself or for a loved one, contact the Experience Recovery Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County CA program today.

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