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Motivational Enhanced Services

Motivational Enhanced Services

Motivational Interviewing

Different clients respond to different forms of treatment – and for many, motivational interviewing is a powerful tool for finding freedom from addiction. Experience Recovery actively uses this therapeutic approach to engage clients and evoke change. With Motivational Enhanced Services, you can develop problem-solving and interpersonal skills to further your recovery. Experience Recovery believes that each person is at different stages of change and by using Motivational Enhanced Treatments it allows our clinicians to develop a person-centered plan that specifically designed for each problem. One of the benefits of Motivational Enhanced Services is that it is an empathic approach that takes into consideration how difficult it is to make changes in one’s life.

Assessment and Evaluation

How does this factor into addiction care? For any individual to pursue lifelong recovery, proper motivation is of the essence, and lack of it is an almost insurmountable hurdle to health and wholeness. Motivational interviewing ignites that sense of drive and purpose in clients who have none.

It takes the form of a friendly, collaborative effort between client and therapist. It’s not a confrontation; rather, it’s about working together to overcome ambivalence and understand how the right choices can lead to a lifetime of freedom from addiction.

Through motivational interviewing, the therapist seeks to move the client toward a place of autonomy—a place where he or she can claim responsibility over their own sobriety, and move forward with wise, purposeful decision-making.

During the process, the client may engage in affirmations, reflections, and a frank discussion of actions and consequences. Again, it is never about antipathy; it’s about cooperating and moving toward a place of motivation and healing.

Data-Driven Addiction Recovery

For women and men 18 and above who need to know that recovery is possible and that the right motivation can make all the difference in the world, we recommend this approach. It is clinically proven to build resilience and determination. We are proud to have motivational interviewing as one of the several therapeutic models used by our experienced, compassionate addiction recovery professionals.

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