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Impaired Professional

Impaired Professionals Program

Addiction wreaks havoc, not just on body and mind, but also on relationships and day-to-day responsibilities. Sooner or later, addiction inevitably leads to difficulty at work. This can be especially calamitous for those whose jobs require ongoing accreditation or certification. For example, nurses, truck drivers, teachers, and labor union members can all have their career security jeopardized by a struggle with addiction.

Experience Recovery offers a robust Impaired Professionals program, designed to provide these individuals with the help they need. We’ll work with them, on flexible schedules, to provide long-lasting freedom from drug or alcohol addiction. In addition, Experience Recovery can help those who have faced legal challenges as a result of addiction or drug abuse, assisting them in substituting treatment for incarceration.

We work not only with individuals but with their family members and employers/HR departments; if you know someone who is struggling with addiction, and seeing their job prospects dwindle as a result, the time to seek personalized, clinical intervention is now.

Experience Recovery brings a data-driven, results-oriented approach to our work with Impaired Professionals—and our mission is simple: Help them get healthy so they can keep working, for themselves and for all the people who depend on them. Reach out to Experience Recovery to learn more about admission into the Impaired Professionals program.