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At Experience Recovery, clinical services are what actually happens at each level of care. This is where we believe the magic occurs. There are things that we believe set us apart, such as offering several different therapeutic modalities (Seeking Safety, DBT, CBT, Relapse Prevention, Living in Balance, Rock to Recovery, Breathworks, etc.) always delivered by a certified or licensed provider. We are trauma informed and Seeking Safety trained, however we do not believe in a one-size fits all approach to treatment. In using Feedback Informed Treatment, we take your goals, preferences, and relationship with those providing you services into account on a daily basis. This makes our treatment truly client-informed and outcome-driven. We believe that treatment works, but we also believe that people recover in a variety of ways.

At the detox level of care, our team assists you and your family in getting through the detoxification phase of your treatment. Our addiction specialist, Dr. Mario San Bartolome will visit you often during this stage of treatment and educate you every step of way. Dr. San Bartolome will assist you in managing withdrawal symptoms and in conjunction with our treatment team, will help with addressing any emotional concerns.

During the residential stage of treatment, you will participate in daily group programming using a variety of approaches in order to lay a foundation in recovery. You will work directly with your case manager, who will use your goals and preferences to drive the treatment process. Your case manager will assist in coordinating additional services that may be required during your stay. You will receive individual therapy 1-2 times per week at this stage and family systems will begin to be addressed.

Experience Recovery also offers PHP, commonly known as Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment. PHP is ideal for an individual that is completing our residential program, is no longer requiring a 24-hour setting, but continues to need long-term support in their recovery. At the PHP level of care you will meet with your therapist and case manager weekly and attend group therapy. The level of PHP services can vary based on medical necessity, but Experience Recovery offers PHP services up to 6 days per week.

Some of our clients enter directly into our Intensive Outpatient Program, due to work related issues or because they are stepping down from an extended residential program. Experience Recovery offers a true separation from Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient services due to the fact that clients are often at different stages of change. Our IOP program uses some similar group modalities that you will find in PHP or Residential Treatment, but tailors services to address lifestyle issues that arise during the first year of recovery. IOP services include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhanced therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, experiential activities, and trauma informed care depending on your needs. Experience Recovery continues to use Feedback Informed Treatment to monitor your progress and talk openly with you about your goals and preferences.

Our clients often transition from our IOP program and step down to outpatient services. At outpatient you will receive less frequent group and individual services, while you are in transitional living or living at home. You will continue to meet with a case manager to monitor your progress. At Experience Recovery, we believe that the outpatient stage is of upmost importance in the treatment due to the fact that clients are often employed and having situations arise that they have not yet experienced while in recovery. Outpatient treatment gives you the support you need with clinicians that you trust to assist you in managing these new life experiences.

Our team consists of a unique blend of medical, psychiatric, therapeutic, and certified staff specializing in providing exceptional addiction treatment. Pulling together a multi-faceted team like ours took a great deal of diligence because being in the helping profession allows us a unique opportunity to create home and safe environment that is important to not only our clients, but their loved ones.

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Deb Hughes, CAS

CEO & Managing Partner

Deb’s efforts over the last 35+ years has been a dedicated mission in behavioral health , eating disorder and addiction treatment.

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Brad brings his knowledge and passion to Experience Recovery as an author, teacher , interventionist and expert on the impact of complex trauma on life.

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Strategic Planning Consultant

Candace Bruce has extensive C-level leadership experience in behavioral healthcare.

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