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Best Health Insurance For Nationwide Coverage

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At Fast Health Quotes, we help you find the best health insurance for nationwide coverage. Whether you are shopping for affordable health insurance or a multi-state plan, we connect you with the best health insurance companies and assist you in buying a highly-beneficial plan.

How insurance plans for nationwide coverage work?

If you live in more than one state and have employer-sponsored health insurance, your employer may get you a plan with a nationwide network and coverage. This means that you can enjoy health insurance coverage in all 50 states. Most health insurance providers are not available in all 50 states, and hence do not offer coverage to policyholders when they are traveling or temporarily residing in a different state for business.

One of our partners, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is the only reputed insurer to offer nation-wide health coverage. They have a total of 96% of the country’s hospitals and 95% of doctors and specialists in their network.

Is there any insurance that has nationwide coverage?

BCBS offers nationwide access and local support to its policyholders. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies offer the highest quality and tailored healthcare as per the needs of the local communities. BCBS ensures that its policyholders have coverage in states where they live, work, and wherever they travel. It is one of the important benefits that BCBS policyholders enjoy when they buy a blue plan membership.

BCBS introduced the BlueCard scheme to ensure the healthcare of its members when they are traveling out of state. The BlueCard program allows policyholders to locate doctors and hospitals easily. In addition to that, If you’re a PPO member, you can use your BlueCard to receive the highest level of benefits.

Who has the best health insurance coverage?

It can be intimidating to sort through the several options in health plans and select a private or Medicare health insurance policy. Here is a list of the top health insurance coverages:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield: One-third of the country’s population owns a Blue Cross/Blue Shield health plan. They have the largest network of doctors, specialists, and hospitals, and all of its 36 independent and locally operated companies are open and available in all 50 states. BCBS has excellent financial ratings and an impressive customer satisfaction rating.
  • Humana: It holds a reputation for offering the best 360-degree coverage. It is one of the few insurers to offer coverage for expenses such as eyeglasses, contacts, dental exams, prescription drugs, etc. The company sells private policies, and have a large variety of plans for people with chronic illnesses.
  • United Healthcare Services Inc.: It is one of the most technologically strong insurers that allows its policyholders to file claims, book doctor appointments, and find specialists online. It focuses on consumer-driven digital health care and offers a broad spectrum of health benefit programs for individuals and employers.

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