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Addiction to drugs or alcohol (or both) not only hurts the person addicted but also the person’s family. Help is needed but how to go about giving that help can be challenging.

But help is available for the person in need of reaching sobriety and also for their family members, as sometimes issues that trigger a person’s addiction could stem from their home life.

Experience Recovery has Family Programs in Orange County available for families that wish to work together to achieve long-lasting recovery for their loved ones.

What to expect from our Family Programs in Orange County

Family programs at Experience Recovery consist of a five-day workshop for the entire family to take part in, working with our on-site team that has decades of experience handling addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, and family issues. These services are provided if one of the family members is currently with Experience Recovery in a treatment program.

The following is what each family member will experience of assistance in bringing healing to the family, along with recovery from addiction.

  • A prerequisite Family Class to provide education and support before beginning the workshop (available to those with a family member currently in treatment or who has graduated).
  • One full week spent at Experience Recovery facility.
  • Assistance from team members with over thirty years of experience working with addiction and relational trauma.
  • Individual time spent with a team member to discuss what each family member’s needs are and how they can be helped.
  • Activities that encourage discussions of blame, guilt, and shame that prevent the family from achieving individual and family healing.
  • Hotel accommodations for the family will be at the Ayres Hotel in Seal Beach.

Our Family Programs in Orange County are to ensure that families can truly help their loved ones overcome their addiction, while also healing some underlying family issues that need to be addressed.

Why it’s important for families to help addicted loved ones

Whether you know that your loved one is battling an addiction or not, showing them your love and support is always necessary for whatever struggle they may be facing.

Although people may think they can help their loved ones overcome their addiction, the truth is that long-lasting recovery is more achievable among licensed counselors and medical professionals in a safe environment free of addiction triggers. For some, their addictions can be intensified while at home, or even by family members who don’t realize they are enabling.

The best course of action is to come together as a family to realize help is needed for your addicted loved one and that an intervention is necessary. Though we always envision an intervention where the entire family sits together with their loved one to push for rehab, you can also encourage intervention with a one-on-one discussion with your loved one about getting help.

In taking the steps to get your loved one into treatment, you as his or her family may realize there may be areas in the family environment where counsel and therapy are needed to help achieve and continue their sobriety.

What to do as a family to encourage your loved one’s commitment to recovery

Just saying words of support is not enough to remind your loved one that he can and will get to sobriety if he stays committed. Here are some ways you can show your support, especially if your family is also part of our Family Programs in Orange County.

Have the right attitude

Keep an attitude of encouragement and hopefulness as your loved one gets treatment. Having an attitude of judgment or negativity will not only hurt your loved one but also could lessen the progress you and your family will make while attending the Family Programs in Orange County.

State your feelings out loud:

Instead of believing that telling your loved one they have a problem will help, choose instead to express your concern that they need help. Choose statements like, “I’m worried about you” or “I feel like help is needed” lets them know the impact their addiction is having on you and the family.

Prepare for denial:

As much as you love your family member, the ugliness of denial could test that love and willingness to help them. Continue to hold your ground and express your love and support to them, knowing they feel the need for help when they reach rock bottom or see how their addiction affects the family.

Help them research rehabs:

When your family member has committed to getting help, be of more assistance by helping them research the right rehab for them. Contact the chosen facility to find out what needs to be done to get your loved one admitted and learn if Family Programs, like those at Experience Recovery, are available.

Pledge your love and support for them during their rehab journey:

Make it clear to your loved ones that they will never be without your support or love as they navigate this difficult journey. You and the family will be there to help and encourage them for the good times and bad, knowing they can get to sobriety.

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Family Programs in Orange County, CA

It is said it takes a village to raise a child, but the same sentiment can be said for helping a loved one fight addiction and win. It is a group effort, and with our Family Programs in Orange County, the family can all work together to bring healing and hope to the family again.

Get Help Today!

If you or a loved one needs help getting sober, Experience Recovery can help. Our admissions line is open 24/7.

Get Help Today

If you or a loved one needs help getting sober, Experience Recovery can help. Our admissions line is open 24/7.

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