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When do you know if you have passed from being a social drinker to an alcoholic? The hardest step to take in fighting an addiction to alcohol is admitting you need help, so Experience Recovery Alcohol Rehab in Orange County is here to show you there is hope for recovery.

Though society may see regular drinking as the norm in life, people may forget that alcohol is classified as a drug and one responsible for property damage, the breaking up of families, and death from overdose or in car accidents.

Whether you are making the commitment to get sober or you are a concerned family member of someone addicted to alcohol, the time to act is now to break free from the grip alcohol has on you or a loved one.

Diverse programs for Alcohol Rehab in Orange County

The help starts here at Experience Recovery, as there are several treatment programs to assist as you journey toward long-lasting recovery. From detox to the transition back to normal life, our Alcohol Rehab in Orange County follows you every step of the way.


Detoxification (the ridding of a harmful substance from your body) brings the biggest challenge to your physical body, as you endure symptoms of withdrawal. Our Orange County Alcohol Detox Treatment Center provides withdrawal management as you detox, with 24/7 monitored care that includes being checked every thirty minutes to make sure you are safe and comfortable the first seventy-two hours after admittance.  

Residential Treatment

After you have completed detox, you can move into the campus for residential treatment, where you will have structured treatment that includes individual and group therapy, monitored care, and activities to encourage an overall healthy body. Day treatment is also available as regular treatment without the 24/7 monitored care.

Outpatient Treatment

Experience Recovery Alcohol Rehab programs in Orange County offer outpatient treatment for those who have completed residential treatment and can now handle work or school obligations as they continue treatment and therapy. Intensive outpatient treatment programs are also available.

Transitional Living

As you complete treatment, you can start a normal life again by joining a transitional living community, or a sober house. You will help with chores around the house and follow the rules while also continuing counseling and therapy individually and with others. You also have the opportunity to strengthen your coping skills without alcohol as you re-engage in school, work, and family environments.


You can continue your treatment as you return to work and normal life, making sure to be aware of any situations where relapse could occur. Experience Recovery works with unions and organizations to make sure you are able to get back to work again and still have the opportunities to get the care you need.

There are also family programs available so you and your family can come together to discuss issues of the home that add to your alcohol addiction and learn new ways to heal and grow as a family again.

Is Alcoholism a disorder?

Many have wondered whether alcoholism is something genetically ingrained in us or just a choice that we have made. However, research has uncovered that alcohol addiction, known as “Alcohol Use Disorder,” is really a disease of the brain and can cause a person to overuse alcohol and become depressed when not drinking.

Studies have shown that it is a combination of environmental factors and genetics that increase the risk to consume alcohol. Some genetic marks indicate how a person will respond to alcohol, with those more genetically inclined to drink experiencing more of the feel-good chemicals than those not at risk. Family traits are also an indicator of alcoholism, as family history often shows a problem will happen.

There is not an actual gene that means you will experience alcoholism but more that alcoholism triggers an obsessive-compulsive need to drink to excess in the brains of some people while others aren’t affected in the same way.

The solution is to find the help you need to cope with this desire to drink through our Alcohol Rehab program in Orange County, as there is always help available.

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Alcoholism in the Workplace

Studies show that 15 million adults in the United States deal with some form of alcoholism, leading to 88,000 alcohol-related deaths each year.

Some may choose to indulge in alcohol at home while others may find they can’t resist that shot of whiskey or having a beer on their lunch break at work. However, the more of a lack of control you might have over your drinking, the more it becomes apparent to all those around you. 

Some ways that people can tell if you have been drinking on the job include: 

  • Slurred speech
  • Regularly tardy to work
  • Alcohol on your breath
  • Lack of coordination or motor skills
  • Poor work performance

If any of these characteristics you may display while at work (or you know someone who is showing signs of these behaviors), it is time to reach Experience Recovery Alcohol Rehab in Orange County. It will save your job and keep your company moving along, while also saving your life. 

If you are a supervisor and someone has shared with you an employee’s drinking, an attitude of kindness and encouragement is what will be most effective for someone who knows they need to stop and is willing to get help.

Maybe share with them, if they are planning to get help, what company medical coverage provides for assistance with rehab programs. As always, a person knowing they have the support of their company as they recover from alcohol addiction is what is most important.

Get Help Today!

If you or a loved one needs help getting sober, Experience Recovery can help. Our admissions line is open 24/7.

Get Help Today

If you or a loved one needs help getting sober, Experience Recovery can help. Our admissions line is open 24/7.

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