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Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse

Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse – A Likely Combination When we think of comorbid diseases, we often look for a c…

Ideas on How to Have Sober Fun

One of the main reasons people become dependent on drugs or alcohol is because addiction fills in a lot of downtimes….

Insane in the Membrane – The Crazy Truth About Crystal Meth

There are millions of different germs, viruses, and diseases that our body has to fight off every day. While our skin…

Why Being of Service Helps Ourselves

We started Experience Recovery because our local Orange County community was in need of skilled rehab and recovery se…

How Narcotics Anonymous Helps Addicted People

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported a 9.6% rise in overdose deaths from 2016 to 2017, with opiates being o…

Managing Mood Swings in Early Recovery

As an Orange County rehab provider, we’ve noticed that our community is often very sensitive about health. If you’ve …

Dreams Awaken and New Possibilities Arise in Recovery

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Quiz: Are You Abusing Alcohol?

Drinking is an activity that’s so ingrained in our culture that it’s hard to imagine a society without the presence o…

The Dangers of Adderall for Weight-Loss

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Help for Family Members Who Have an Addicted Loved One

Addiction is a growing epidemic, with new forms of opiates and amphetamines constantly being introduced to the commun…

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