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About Experience Recovery

About Experience Recovery

What Makes Experience Recovery Different

Experience Recovery understands the importance of tracking the success of the individuals served and the success of our program as a whole. Experience Recovery’s integrated data strategy works to inform policy, measure the impact of programs, and improve the quality of mental health and substance use services and outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

The Medicine of Recovery

Addiction is best understood as a brain disease; while its effects can seem inescapable, the truth is that medical and clinical intervention has shown remarkable impact in freeing individuals from addiction’s grasp. At Experience Recovery, we boast a team of addiction treatment professionals who are well-versed in the medicine of recovery, and who take a data-driven, science-based approach to each case and every client.

Personalized and Consistent Care

Addiction treatment comes in different forms for each client, as no two people present exactly the same needs. Everything we do at Experience Recovery is rooted in established and proven principles of addiction research.

Due to the personalized nature of what we do, and because of the sensitivity involved in finding the proper treatment regimen, our clinical professionals will conduct thorough assessments with each client.

Multi-Faceted Treatment

Recovery from addiction is a commitment that may involve many steps along the way. Our clinical professionals work with each client to set objectives, then outline the right therapeutic models needed.

A personalized action plan may include individual therapy, educational lectures, group therapy, and special group or one-on-one activities. Our treatment approach also will encompass your personal strengths to establish and maintain recovery and improve the quality of life.

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Why Experience Recovery

At Experience Recovery, we believe that all struggle with addiction can find relief and freedom through the proper clinical intervention. Our science-driven, data-backed approach allows us to develop a personalized plan for each client. Experience Recovery offers a full spectrum of services and has an experienced team of professionals.

Addiction recovery is life-changing, and in many cases life-saving. Experience Recovery is proud to be the catalyst for this significant development in the lives of countless others who come through our doors. Experience Recovery inspires the courage to change.

A Focus on Science

We begin with the premise that addiction is a brain disease, and that the best way to treat it is through clinical intervention—which might include medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, medically assisted detox, and other robust mental health services. Our treatment is always driven by data and based on the principles that have been proven safe and effective.

A Personalized Approach

Though we are rigid in our commitment to science, we are also understanding with regard to the personal nature of addiction. No two clients have the same struggles or needs, so our process begins with a client centered interview, in which our addiction treatment professionals can develop a personalized roadmap to recovery and better quality of life.

Professional Care

Experience Recovery is staffed by a multi-disciplined team of professionals who have over 50 years of experience offering science based, compassionate, common sense approach to clinical care. We are committed to quality—and to getting results on our clients’ behalf.

A Full Spectrum of Care

Recovery is a journey, and not one that can be completed overnight—but we can provide support and guidance at every step of the way. Experience Recovery is proud to offer detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization program, outpatient care, and transitional living services to promote and support long-term sobriety. Each level of care is designed to give the appropriate level of support for our clients through the different stages of recovery

Family Services

We understand that addiction impacts not just the individual, but his entire family. We are always available to assist family members about what they can do to help their loved ones seek care and thrive in a recovery setting.

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Treatment Programs

Experience Recovery provides a full spectrum of care to those who struggle with addiction. Our approach is backed by science, informed by proven data, and personalized to meet the needs of each client. All treatments are administered by multi-disciplined professionals with compassion and experience.

Addiction Care at Experience Recovery


Medically assisted detox is the necessary first step toward recovery. Our detox professionals will ensure that your withdrawal is managed smooth, safe, and as pain-free as possible, offering 24/7 supervision throughout. Detox provides a safe place for the individual to begin to get ready for the next step of their journey.

Structured Residential Care

Residential treatment is personalized to meet the needs of the client, and will usually follow a consistent daily rhythm of group therapies, one-on-one therapy, educational lectures, and recovery-aiding activities. Our therapeutic models are multi-step and proven to get results.

Integrated Co-Occurring Treatment

Some individuals come to us and are diagnosed both with addiction and with a related mental health condition. Through integrated co-occurring treatment, we can provide care for both conditions simultaneously and focus on the whole person. By providing relief to the whole person, the result is improvement in overall quality of life.

Outpatient Care

Due to our overarching philosophy of providing each individual with the treatment most appropriate for them we offer all levels of care. For those who need care in a more flexible or limited setting, we provide outpatient care models. In an outpatient setting individuals can still receive scientifically-based therapies that work with their own schedules.

Transitional Living

The goal of recovery is for the individual to better the quality of their life and maintain long term recovery. Transitional living programs provide a way to ease back into life routines while practicing the key coping skills that are essential to lifelong recovery.

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