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substance abuse treatment san Fernando

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substance abuse treatment san Fernando

You may feel as if you are alone in your fight against substance abuse. But you are not. There are over 23 million Americans who are struggling with some type of dependence on alcohol or drugs. If you’ve not managed to get clean all by yourself, there is no shame in seeking help from a credible rehab for substance abuse treatment in San Fernando.

At Golden Road Recovery, we are dedicated to helping you overcome your dependence on drugs or alcohol and guiding you on the road to recovery. Our services, which include detox, residential, and dual diagnosis treatment, have proven to help our patients get clean and adopt healthier lifestyle habits. If you or your loved are willing to commit to regaining sobriety, our services can help you too.

Exceptional Rehab Services for Substance Abuse Treatment

Our mission at Golden Road Recovery is to assist everyone who walks through our doors find lasting and meaningful freedom from substance abuse. By creating a healing, comfortable, and safe environment staffed by a compassionate team of experts, our facility is the perfect place for personal transformation.

From the time you get to our Chatsworth addiction treatment center, you’re treated with utmost dignity and respect by our specialists. We will also create an individualized plan for your recovery. At our drug rehab in Chatsworth, you’ll receive premier treatment in a beautiful and serene setting.

Inpatient Treatment

At Golden Road Recovery, our aim is to help you develop the skills you need to recover from addiction successfully. When we begin treatment, we will:

  • Help you understand as well as accept your addiction
  • Start to develop the skills you need to remain abstinent
  • Stabilize you using aggressive treatment plans


We’ll first carry out a thorough assessment. Our team of therapists, counselors, physicians, and nurses will work together to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan designed to meet your unique needs.


You will undergo the process of getting rid of the addictive substances from your body at our detox and rehab center in Chatsworth. And in case you experience any withdrawal symptoms, we will treat them immediately.

Our top of the line drug rehab in Chatsworth allows us to offer a safe and comfortable environment for detox. This environment helps lessen withdrawal symptoms. The length of stay at our treatment facility will depend on your level of addiction, medical condition, among other factors.


After detox, we’ll move you to our residential program. This approach is aimed at providing you with 24/7 care and treatment. If you have a co-occurring disorder, you will also be given dual diagnosis treatment to ensure that you recover wholly.

We believe that family is crucial to your recovery. Building and mending family relationships are essential. As such, we encourage families to be involved throughout their loved one’s treatment.

Here for You

Golden Road Recovery is committed to providing second to none drug and alcohol treatment in Chatsworth. Our facility is in a picturesque location in which to recover from your dependence on drugs or alcohol. From detox to therapy to residential and dual diagnosis treatment, we offer various levels of care for every step of your journey to recovery. Get in touch with us today for substance abuse treatment in San Fernando for you or your loved one and to verify your insurance.

substance abuse treatment san Fernando



substance abuse treatment san Fernando

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